About Us

Omotola Assorted Fabric Bags is a one-stop store for tastefully made African inspired products such as Ankara/Adire/Asooke Handbags, travel bags, everyday shoulder bags, workbag, laptop bags, purses, neck-rests, boxes, notepads, robes, stationeries, nursing pillows, baby bibs, key rings, slippers and ties.


We also make soft furnishings including Ottoman stools, chairs, throw pillows, beddings, table covers, table runners, etc. Each product is made from Ankara, Adire, or Asooke Fabric and it reflects both African and European designs.

Our products are handcrafted in Nigeria By Nigerian and Senegalese artisans. We cater for both male and female, young and old. Primarily, we are focused on exporting our brand all over the world. Currently, we are working on setting up a franchise where people can buy wholesale and resell, thereby generating employment opportunities. As of now, we have vendors selling our products in Canada and USA.

We make and stock Afrocentric products such as Purses, Handbags, School Bags, Gifts & Souvenirs, and much more from Ankara, Aso Oke and Adire Fabrics, reflecting both African and European designs.

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